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mercoledì 30 gennaio 2019

mame 0.206

Mame64 + groovy 017n + nonag + d3d9ex - windows download - mirror1 - mirror2
Wolfmame64 + groovy 017n + nonag + d3d9ex - windows download - mirror1 - mirror2

In occasione dell'uscita della versione 2019 di Groovyarcade, ho compilato anche le versioni no nag di groovymame e groovywolf

Mame64 + groovy017n + nonag - linux download 
Wolfmame64 + groovy017n + nonag - linux download

Attention, i always recommend to download the standard version of mame and replace only the groovy executable after unzipping all the files, and after creating the mame.ini, so you will not have any errors due to old versions of the configuration file.